The exhibition Hard Copies will show a selection of photographs by the Dutch artist Stephan Keppel, from his four extensive series of city portraits. Also presented will be a small portrait-in-progress of the artist’s visual answers to his first encounter with Graz on the occasion of this exhibition. Keppel’s way of working is marked by intensive processes of walking, collecting, scanning, and printing (and rescanning and reprinting). Through his attention to detail in portraying structure and architecture and his awareness of the constant recycling of the built environment, Keppel’s images are devoid of the usual safe distance with which cities turn into cityscapes. Instead, as the artist and writer Adam Bell poignantly remarked, Keppel’s “repurposed images function as building blocks for [his] own metropolis, while also pointing to the regenerative and iterative process of both the built world and [his own] image making.” So far, Keppel has translated four cities into books, in close collaboration with the designer Hans Gremmen and Fw:Books: Reprinting the City (2011, Den Helder), Entre Entree (2014, Paris), Flat Finish (2017, New York), and Soft Copy Hard Copy (2021, Amsterdam).

11.6.2021, 6pm

12.6. – 15.8.2021

Opening hours
Tue – Sun and bank holidays
10 am – 6 pm

Guided tours
German, English, Slowenian
Free, on request:
+43 316 81555016


Curated by
Taco Hidde Bakker

(All Photocredits Markus Krottendorfer, Vienna)